The First Ajumma Marathon Race Hosted by the Women''s News
The First Ajumma Marathon Race Hosted by the Women''s News
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The Women's News, which has promoted an 'Ajumma (a term that generally refers to married women) movement' to make women's movement more popular and common, will host the first 'Ajumma Marathon Race' as an occasion to draw attention to the importance of adult women taking care of their health. 

This marathon consists of three courses, so that any female can participate in the race. The 3-km course will be good for beginners who like to enjoy running with their family members. Those who aspire to finish a half or full marathon race in the future are recommended to take a 5-km or 10-km course. 

This race is highly expected to expand the population of female marathon runners in Korea. The upcoming marathon will be held with a cause to raise scholarship fund for women who desire to seek reemployment and to make self-development. 

  • Date: Sunday, May 20th, 2001 10:00
  • Venue: the Olympic Park at Chamsil-dong
  • Race Course: 
    • 3 km course (within the Olympic Park)
    • 5 km mini course (the Olympic Park -- Kangdong Street -- the Olympic Park)
    • 10 km course (the Olympic Park -- Kangdong street -- Nambu Beltway -- Lotte Department Store -- the Olympic Park) 

* In the 3km course, participants can join events such as 'Running with Celebrity' and 'Running with family (with in-laws, mothers and spouses)'. 

  • Awards: 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner and 1st winner team in each race
  • Entry Requirement: any Korean female is welcome
  • Entry Fee: 10,000 won 

* All participants will be provided with souvenir, insurance policy for safety and prizes. 

  • Host: the Women's News
  • Organizer: the National Athlete Council of Sport for all

For more inquiries: call the Women's News at 82-2-318-2792 or 82-2-756-6866

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