“Please Trust and Respect Children”
“Please Trust and Respect Children”
  • Kim Soo-hee Women’s News reporter / Trans by Nam W
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Awarded with ‘2014 Right Education Award’
SBS Special ‘Parent vs School Parent’ by PD Park Jin-hong
The change in parents, the main consumers of education, is the beginning of solving education issues


“The first priority is to recover parent-child relationship. If parents trust and respect their children, the children will become healthy and study well. Even though they do not do well at school, they will think about their means of living in the future.”

Producer(PD) Park Jin-hong, who directed the SBS Special ‘Parent vs School Parent’ that received the ‘2014 Right Education Award’ from the ‘education brand grand prize selected by school parents’ that was chosen by Women’s News, explained his intention of the program planning by saying “I thought about how parents’ choices can make children at least a bit happier and furthermore bring social change.”

During the 3 parts that were broadcasted on the 5th, 12th, and 19th , the 2014 new year special SBS Special ‘Parent vs School Parent’ covered the hardship children and parents go through due to the excessive competition for entrance exams in-depth and tried to find a clue that can change the Korean education reality from the change of parents. This program’s contribution as casting a light upon the parents’ role in-depth and contributing to creating a future-oriented education environment that the society and families must head towards was acknowledged and therefore was prized for.

PD Park Jin-hong said “I am grateful for people thinking highly of and understanding the intention I am trying to deliver through the whole program. Children’s torment due to competition for entrance exams triggered me to design this program.” He pointed out that “education that should be done in the public sphere is currently personally chosen by parents; therefore, children’s anguish are due to parents’ inaccurate and incorrect information and thoughts.” According to him, the exaggerated information that special-purpose high schools’ famous college admission rate is higher or that children from specific areas are advantageous when it comes to the entrance is information that parents have no way to precisely verify, and thus their sense of unease grows.

PD Park said that in order to improve the reality, “parents must bond together.” “It is hard to remain aloof and persistent in this education reality. In this situation, parents who have similar thoughts must agonize over the children’s health through parents’ associations which will lead to finding the clue to solution. To solve the fundamental problems of the education problem, social and systematical reform is indispensable, yet the change of perception of individuals is also necessary. Although it is a long way, parents’ change will start an even bigger change.”

The 1st part of ‘Parent vs School Parent’, ‘A Small Leak will Sink a Great Ship’ brings up the problem of education that our society and families are going through, and the 2nd part ‘Café of Miracle’ showed the results of the meaningful change and process of parents communicating with their children through the mentoring of children and educating of parents by experts. The 3rd part ‘The Qualifications of a Parent’ offered the solution to a future-oriented education and for parents and their children to become happy.

‘Education brand grand prize selected by school parents’ was arranged by Women’s News to contribute to the growth of the education business, and this year it is the 9th year.

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