Interview with Capital FM, serves as a platform for women to exchange thoughts and opinions
Interview with Capital FM, serves as a platform for women to exchange thoughts and opinions
  • Sarah Lee Say Wah intern reporter
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Our target is “Women, The new Capital'
Let us introduce an interesting radio media station. The radio contents is full of about the women's subject. Capital FM 88.9 channel launched at Dec 1. 2011. Sarah, intern reporter, interview with Ms Ooi Mei Ying (Mei) from the advertising & promotions department of Capital FM. (From Editor) Capital FM 88.9 was launched by Star Radio Group as the country’s first women’s radio station. It officially went on air at 6:00am on 1 December 2011 in Malaysia. With its catchy tagline “Women-The New Capital,” Capital FM serves as a platform for modern women to exchange their thoughts and opinions. Capital FM has a line-up of handpicked celebrity presenters; Asha Gill, Joanne Kam, Xandria Ooi, Patricia K, Sheela Haran, April Kuan, Joey G and Liang. Having profound experience in the entertainment industry, they are able to add their own flavors to the station to suit their listeners as well as to keep them company throughout the day.


This picture shows us Capital FMs handpicked celebrity presenters
This picture shows us Capital FM's handpicked celebrity presenters
An interview with Ms Ooi Mei Ying (Mei) from the advertising & promotions department of Capital FM. 1. What are the reasons behind the set up of this unique radio station? We felt there is a void in the current market offerings and we took up the challenge to fill it. Half the country’s population is female, so it only makes sense to take up the opportunity to create and tailor-make the station and its programmes towards what is really unavailable and much needed. The new Capital FM is all about women. It's the only radio-station presented by women for women. It's more than just about being a voice for women; it's also about being a sounding-board for women. It's intelligent, uplifting, informative and entertaining. Our driving goal is to connect with women by addressing their emotional and intellectual needs, to enhance the quality of their lives and their communities. By giving women a platform in which they can be heard, Capital FM strives to provide timely and relevant information from modern women to modern women. Asha and Xandria are also regular editorial contributors to The Star offering their unique perspectives on things which impact everyday Malaysians. In short, Capital FM is real radio for real women. 2.What is Capital’s FM tagline and why? Our tagline is “Women – The new Capital”. Why? Well, let’s just say it’s not easy fighting your way through the crowd and looking good at the same time! On a more serious side, the tagline was created as we believe in today’s time and age, women are stepping up and slowly taking over what was once dominated by males. Females are getting bolder, louder and less submissive in our communities but yet, they have the challenges of taking care of themselves, their homes and their families. So this tagline is apt for our station as our programmes, music and topics do reach out to women as a whole to empower, encourage and inspire them at whatever stage of their lives they’re at. More importantly, we believe in interactivity and we act as a sounding board for them. 3. How is Capital FM’s performance so far since its launching date? Since Capital FM’s official airing on December 1st 2011, we couldn’t have been happier with the overwhelming response (emails and studio calls). 4. Apart from urban women aged between 25 to 35 years old in the Klang Valley, do you have other target groups? We strongly believed the main priority focus should be on urban women aged from 25 to 35 as the brand positioning of the station needs to sync with each programme segment. 5. Is it suitable for men to listen to Capital FM as well? If yes, how is it so? Let’s just put this way…smarter guys will tune in. 6. What are Capital FM’s short-term and long-term goals? For instance, expansion strategy, live streaming and so on. It all boils down to be selective in joint collaboration/co-branding initiatives as to ensure that the brand positioning for the station (Malaysia’s Premier Radio for Real Women) is accentuated accordingly. We are looking on online avenue expansion whereby our users can look forward to a total 'modern woman' experience on the website. From places to go, things to do and issues to discuss and share, the website content goal is to become a hub and platform for women to educate, update and share with each other as an online sisterhood and community. Please expect online streaming to be up by end of February 2012. 7. Women have been exchanging their thoughts and opinions on women’s issues through the internet and magazines. What makes Capital FM different from other media, other than the music being played? The uniqueness of each segment is immediately highlighted by the presenters behind each programme. Our announcers are celebrities in their own right having entertained audiences in a myriad of events within the fashion, travel and entertainment industry. No other station in Malaysia offers this many stars under one roof. Our music offerings are wide and they range from the 80's to what is current. We will play great tunes from each decade including our “long lost favourites” - tracks that have been far forgotten and unjustly pushed aside by today’s modern soundtracks 8. While other English radio stations focus mainly on the music they play, Capital FM puts women’s issues first. How can Capital FM be sustainable in the long run despite facing the competitions from other radio stations in Malaysia? The distinctive strength of the station lies in the combined expertise and understanding of what listeners truly want. On the constant lookout for engaging touch points in order to reach out and understand listeners better, all segments and programmes are revised and tailor-made in view of listener demands. 9. Some Chinese radio stations in Malaysia such as “988” and “AI FM” have speakers who listen to callers’ problems and advise them accordingly. Does Capital FM provide such a service? If not, is there any plan for it in the near future? Do tune into “Groovedown” every Monday to Friday, from 8pm to 12 midnight to find out more. (Listeners from Korea can tune into Capital FM online starting end of February 2012.) 10. Were there any interesting discoveries from listeners’ share of thoughts? Please refer to our Facebook page: 11. If a women’s radio station is to be set up in South Korea, do you think it will be practical and sustainable? Why? Is a BIG YES! We personally believe every country should celebrate the significance of woman contribution whether socially, economically or politically. Contact Ms Ooi Mei Ying at +6013- 238 1710/ +03-7885 1195 or To find out more about Capital FM, visit their official website (, Facebook page ( and Twitter page (

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