The Women's News is an alternative newspaper, published weekly in 32-page modified tabloid form, with a readership of 98,000 people and 11 provincial branches. We also have correspondents in the United States, Canada, Italy, France, Japan, and the Philippines.

The Women's News aims to promote a new Society of Equality geared toward community life. Our efforts are based on the premise that men and women are equal, and that they can work together based on individual freedom and self-confidence.

The paper started out in 1985 as a 16-page biweekly newsletter published by the Women's Society Research Center. This newsletter was a much welcomed breakthrough, paving the way towards publically addressing women's issues. The success of the newsletter led to the establishment of the present newspaper, which was formally re-founded on October 14, 1988 as The Women's News, through the offering of public stock.

The first publication of the present paper was on December 2, 1988. Since then, The Women's News has been the leading voice in the promotion of culture for Korean women. The paper maintains high journalist standards and reports on current events related to Korean women. It also includes columns and feature articles on women's affairs, biographical articles on Korean women, and informative articles on culture, economy, health, and sports that are of interest to women.


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